What Inspired Taio Cruz’s New Single ‘Hangover’?

In Cruz’s playful new single, “Hangover,” he croons lines like, “I got a hangover/ I got an empty cup/ Pour me some more.” The accompanying music video is a rambunctious spin on the 2009 hit movie of the same name: Taio wakes up with a foggy memory, only to slowly recall the zany alcohol-fueled antics of his entourage the night before.

But the multitalented electro-pop star insists he imbibes the sauce very rarely. “I have to be honest: I really don’t drink that much. I really don’t. Seriously, I don’t,” he told MTV News.

” ‘Hangover’ was inspired by me being in Ibiza this year,” he continued. “We had a whole week of going out and it being crazy, even though I didn’t actually get drunk myself, but everyone around me was getting completely smashed. I felt like, ‘We need to create an anthem for them. That would be fun.’ ”

Thus, the immortal lyric “I can drink until I throw up” was born.

Despite a drier-than-expected lifestyle, Cruz admitted he enjoys unleashing his inner Snooki every now and then.

“I have had the odd occasion where it’s gotten a bit crazy, and it’s always in Ibiza, [Spain]. For me, I think my craziest moment was in Ibiza at a bar with a couple girls on me, piggybacked whilst behind the bar making drinks. I remember that was a bit of a crazy evening,” he reminisced.

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